On Mystery Island, we will track down the one true God who is revealed in the Bible. We'll discover that God is great, almighty, the ruler of all, Emmanuel, and worthy of our complete trust. Put on your sunscreen and fill your beach bag as you prepare to discover who our amazing Creator is and the salvation He offers through Jesus!


Join us online as we embark on an amazing adventure that will include skits, singing, snacks, crafts, and Bible lessons.


The adventure is scheduled for the first week of June. Make plans to stop by the church before the adventure begins and pick up all the supplies you will need for your virtual VBS experience. Feel free to ask for addition supplies so you can invite your friends to join in on the adventure.


Click here for coloring pages

Pastor Kenric Barnett

1006 East Crown Point Rd. Ocoee, FL 34761 | 407-905-9508