Teacher: Mike Roberts

Mike is an innovative and out of the box teacher and thinker. God will speak to you through the teaching and compassion of Mike. There are monthly activities and several opportunities of outreach to our community. Come and experience this growing group of believers. For more information, contact the church office

Teacher: Bill Ginney

Class information to come.

Teacher: Debbie Updike

This is a ladies only class.

Teacher: Paul Kelley

This is a class for couples of all ages and experience. Our goal is to promote Biblical values in marriage, family, and relationships. Our desire is to strengthen families by strengthening marriages based on God’s design. The study time is designed to encourage participation and discussion, rather than lecture style teaching, as we believe we can learn from the life lessons God has taught us through our various experiences. We value our members and look for opportunities to fellowship together outside the class.

Teacher: Kenric Barnett

The goal of this class is to, “Help Young Families Build a Foundation Upon The Solid Rock.” We turn to God’s Word to seek His wisdom and truth for our homes and ourselves personally. Often times we take a book, and study it in detail. Our studies are a less formal time than the regular church service, with class discussion and personal insights welcomed.

The class also strives to offer opportunities for fellowship away from the church. We have activities from time to time, and our activities are geared to building relationships in the home and with other families.

We would welcome the opportunity of having you as our guest. Perhaps the Lord would lead you to join with us as we strive to grow and mature in our walk with Him.

We look forward to an opportunity to meet you in person

Teacher: Earl Brigham

This class is for members of the deaf community.

Teacher: Jerry Webb

We know our Singles and Single Again live in a day which presents a unique set of problems and pressures. Our church understands that being single is a time of life that can be satisfying, but it can also be very lonely. As a church family, we are committed to serving Singles and Single Again in our community. We want our church to be a place where you and your friends can feel right at home.

Teacher: Adrian Guthrie

The College and Career class at WOBC has a mix of college students and young people in the workforce. This diversity of the class allows us to grow spiritually and socially. The devotions we have, whether it be in Sunday school or in small group Bible studies during the year, allow us to talk about religious topics and understand them better which ultimately leads to the strengthening of our faith. Numerous events during the year like weekend getaways, fun activities and small group gatherings allow the class to grow closer to Christ and to each other. The college and career class is a great place to further your spiritual development and worship with a strong church family.

Teacher: Brian Woollet

Teens are the most misunderstood segment of our culture. At our church, we understand there is a need for belonging and growth. We are committed to being living examples of the hope found in Jesus. We are also eager to have FUN as we help teens grow in Christ through Bible study, praise & worship, activities, fellowship, camp and much more. We welcome teenagers in grades 7th - 12th and would love to have you come join us!

Teachers: Doug & Karen Benedict

Our ministry seeks to teach young people the absolute Truth of God's Holy Word through Bible stories, Biblical character studies and Scriptural
principles. We love our students and have fun learning together. Goals for our class are: glorify God, ensure each of our students know Christ as
Savior, learn more about God, His Word and His love for them and the world. We desire to see young people know God more, love Him more and want to serve Him with their whole heart, soul and strength. We hope they in turn spread the Gospel and realize when that happens, God will spread salvation. For with God all things are HIMpossible. This class is designated for students in 4th - 6th grade.

Teachers: Mark & Sherri Gilmore

This class is designated for students in 2nd - 3rd grade.

Teachers: Mark & Darra Wright

This class is designated for students in Kindergarden - 1st grade.

Teachers: Richard & Paula Akers

This class is designated for children ages 3yr - 4yr.

Teacher: Steve & Becky Strubel

This class is designated for children ages 1yr - 2yr.

Teacher: Lal & Sharon Samtani

This class is designated for children ages birth - 1yr.