Music Ministry


"I’ve had the privilege to serve as the choir director for over 10 years. It’s a blessing to me to see the members come week after week to practice and to work so hard on the Christmas and Easter programs.

We’ve been blessed, and my prayer is that we’ll continue to stay focused on why we do it… to bring honor and glory to God."


Choir Practice - Sundays @ 4:44 P.M.

Forgiven (Alto) (Bass) (Soprano) (Tenor)
12 Days Of Christmas (Alto) (Bass) (Soprano) (Tenor)
Noel (Alto) (Bass) (Soprano) (Tenor)

Drama Ministry

Visual illustration and dramatic presentation offer a powerful avenue of teaching Biblical truths and ministering. Through the use of drama we can...

WOBC Drama Ministry performs several plays and sketches a year that illuminate the Word of God. This ministry provides an opportunity for the people of WOBC to use their talents in a way that honors God and provides dramatic presentations that draw people into a deeper understanding of the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Christmas Morning (Alto) (Bass) (Soprano) (Tenor)
England Medley (Alto) (Bass) (Soprano) (Tenor)
Fum Fum Fum (Alto) (Bass) (Soprano) (Tenor)
I Heard The Bells (Alto) (Bass) (Soprano) (Tenor)
Forget Your Worries (Alto) (Bass) (Soprano) (Tenor)
Bethlehem Medley (Alto) (Bass) (Soprano) (Tenor)
Carol Celebration (Alto) (Bass) (Soprano) (Tenor)