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Who we are:


Families Affirming Christian Training and Service
Statement of Purpose

The Homeschool Ministry is dedicated to providing support and fellowship to the members of West Orlando Baptist Church and the community as we feel called to home educate our children in the Lord. We hope to encourage one another and affirm our children in Christian values and in service to others. We strive to provide a healthy, nurturing environment as we make significant investments of character development and academic excellence in the lives of our children.

While participation in the Homeschool Ministry is not mandatory, we believe that we can learn from and support each other. Together we have different levels of expertise and experience which we can use to support one another.

Because we are an open ministry (open to any homeschool family that shares our faith and our commitment), we will always follow the mission statement set forth by WOBC. If you are of like mind...you are welcome to join us.

Homeschool Ministry Committee

We answer directly to our pastor - Pastor Kenric Barnett
Director - Miriam Thomas - sixbizymom84@yahoo.com