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Mission Statement

Our mission is to extend the ministry of and help accomplish the purpose of West Orlando Baptist Church. Our mission is to provide every child a caring and safe learning experience. This will be done by providing care, education, and development for each child enrolled to his/her greatest potential, and by providing developmentally appropriate activities and guidance. It is our desire to provide a safe and secure service in a Christian environment and to provide Christian educational experiences that will meet a child's developmental needs socially, physically, intellectually, and emotionally through a professional curriculum. We are concerned about the total child and how he/she relates to the people and world around them. We want to enhance their spiritual, emotional, physical and social growth.

We accept Infants - K4

BoysDuring the school year, August through May, we offer a structured day of learning and play time that enhances your child's spiritual, intellectual and emotional health. We offer the following:

We also have programs for Hot Lunch and Gymnastics at an additional cost.
During the summer, June - July, we have an enjoyable summer program with themed weeks geared towards fun and learning.

Fee Schedule

*Registration Fee - $125.00 (non-refundable)

Weekly Rate (1 Week Vacation)

Infants through K-4
7:00AM - 6:00PM
$155.00 not potty trained
$150.00 potty trained

Monthly Rate (No Vacation)

Available for K-2, K-3 and K-4
8:00AM - 3:00PM
Anything before 8:00AM or after 3:00PM is $4.00 per hour.

*Class Fees: (non-refundable)

Infants - $95.00
Toddlers - $140.00
K-2 - $200.00
K-3 - $210.00
K-4 - $235.00

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday

7:00AM - 6:00PM

LICENSE #17399
CDA and Trained
Teaching Staff